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Deciding one's Fate by WiredintoSpace
Deciding one's Fate
Thanks again to my Photographer John Stradling ~edit by me.

Check me out on FB or Twitter for more updates ^^

New Erwin piccy, tried something different this time as the background was a busy road originally, let me know what you think OwO

Stock used for composite background: Osborne house Stock 15
2014 Cosplay Recap ^_^ by WiredintoSpace
2014 Cosplay Recap ^_^
Happy New Year guys! I hope you've all had a lovely holidays!

So in 2013 I made two cosplays and 2014 seven (with total of 12 not including costests :')), had such a great year for cosplay last year XDD Having received my sewing machine for Christmas last year I taught myself to sew (through trial and many errors aha) I hope you've enjoyed my development :') whenever I undertake a new project I'm always striving to challenge myself in some way in order to improve and attain new skills.

In 2015 I'm aspiring to enter the UK's cosplay competitive scene, having entered for the first time at Hyper Japan I'm really looking forward to participating in more contests, fingers crossed ye ~~  (୨୧•͈ᴗ•͈)◞*♡
Captains Converse by WiredintoSpace
Captains Converse
Levi deep in thought whilst erwin explains the plan ~~*✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

Levi: :iconjettyguy:


Thank you to KiyariValentineFair For the organisational diagram :')

Photographer John Stradling edited by me
Cosplay Glasses Tutorial by WiredintoSpace
Cosplay Glasses Tutorial
So I promised a couple of friends on facebook I'd make this, it turned out rather longer and more complicated that i initially anticipated. I your going to attempt this tutorial please make sure you read the notes below completely before starting. Any questions please direct the towards my facebook page as I don't check DeviantART very often :,) 

You will need:
Safety goggles and Face Mask
3mm tint Acrylic/perspex
Dremal with multiple attachments (polish/sander)
Miliput (can use 1mm Plasticard instead)
Scalpel/ Craft knife
Sculpting tool
Hack saw 
2 Clamps
Acrylic Paints and brushes
1 pair of Reading glasses with bridge and temples attached by screws (UK Primark £3)
Fimo Clay (can use another variety though)


This tutorial can be applied to nearly all types of bizarrely shaped/coloured glasses needed for cosplay without the use of a laser cutter. In fact I used the same principles and methods to produce Inumuta's glasses on my Kill la Kill cosplay (skipped steps 4,5 and 8,9).

Making the glasses Ergonomic isn't a necessity in fact it's much easier to skip steps 4 and 5 and 8 (making the trim frame) becomes much easier to complete upon a flat surface using Plasticard.

4. Making to two part mould:
-Press suitably ergonomic sunglasses into clay ensuring they're first covered with cleanfilm
-once pressed alter shape with sculpting tool as desired
-This is your POSITIVE mould (terracotta coloured in picture) we will make the negative once it's dry
-repeat for other lens
-once dry cover mould with cleanfilm and press clay into it, ensuring complete coverage (negative moulds are white in picture)

5. Curving the lenses: ***Please wear suitable face masks (gloves are optional but recommended) and work in well ventilated area ~Plastic fumes are dangerous!***

-grab your freshly cut pieces (I hope you made more than 2) from before and heat them up to about 200 degrees over the cast. Be careful as to not surpass this heat as the acrylic will tends to bubble and burn. 
- you'll see when the plastic is ready to cast when it starts to dip within the centre becoming Malleable/soft.
-Once Soft carefully and quickly place the lens on top of the positive mould and press the tow moulds together
-leave to dry for a couple of minutes in the mould (you can use hairbands or elastic to secure the two moulds together whilst you make the other lens).
-release from mould and check curvature, its most likely not going to be perfect so re-heat the areas of warping (Acrylic is a thermo plastic so when reheated it will return to its original shape regardless of what shape it was in previously).
- I believe I cut and shaped about 5 lenses in total before I got them how I wanted them.

8. You now have a choice of two methods:

1) Easiest method Plasticard frames (my first prototype used this method)
-cut Plasticard into desired frame shape
-apply a thin line of superglue to the very edges of the lenses
-Heat up the Plasticard and quickly and carefully press onto the glasses
-the best thing about plasticard is it's white so you don't need to paint it if your making Doffys Glasses.
-***The problem with this method is that superglue permanently stains the acrylic as it corrodes the surface of the plastic. You can reduce this by using nail polish remover but it doesn't completely remove the scarring on the surface. However, minor superglue mistakes are unlikely to show up on your pictures.

2) The Miliput (epoxy two part modelling putty) method whilst temperamental and time consuming produces the best results in my opinion. Although I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who hasn't worked with modelling putty before as it takes lots of practice its not a skill attained via research. You will need  sculpting tool for this in order to attain sharp edges (you can get a great one for about 6 pounds in Games Workshop). 
-to get smooth edges with miliput continually keep dipping your tool in water.
-*** with a wet earbuds tissue of whatever ensure that no miliput residue remains of the frames, as if the miliput dries on the frames they will become difficult to remove without scratching the surface of the lens.
-once the miliput is dry (12 hours) you can lightly sand the edges or cut away excess with a scalpel to get really sharp edges.


WiredintoSpace's Profile Picture
Evo ovƎ
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Heya, my name is Joe ✪㉨✪

Started cosplaying in March 2013, so I'm a bit of a noobie ;.; Upon travlelling to Japan for 5 weeks and seeing all the amazing cosplayers in Tokyo's Comikett 84 its really pushed me to want to up my game. But I wouldn't be where I am today without the advice and guidance of my close friend :iconjettyguy: ~Thanks man *^*

Most of my cosplays are made by myself; I love working with new materials and techniques. My favorite materials has to be Clay and Miliput as they're so versatile (sculpting stuff is so fun!), despite their weight.

At the moment I'm focusing more on tailoring rather than armor construction. Although I love making props to accompany my cosplays which normally require a multifaceted approach which I love.

The hobby side of cosplay really appeals to me as I love making things. I'm not very competitive but I'm always striving to be better at what I do. о(ж>▽<)y ☆

I update most frequently on Twitter and Facebook, please check them out I really appreciate the support.~˚‧*♡ॢ˃̶̤̀◡˂̶̤́♡ॢ*‧˚

■Twitter: 【

■Facebook Page: 【

■WorldCosplay: 【…
Sup peeps,

ож>▽<y ☆ I MADE A CHRISTA ож>▽<y ☆

Also got the painting done on the face, ready to attach to the main body now. The body took a bit longer to do than originally anticipated due to finding an amazing 3d dancing titan render by BucherofMagriva (warning: spoilers).

The wig was much harder than I first envisioned, You can't really see the layers well by the ear but there's like 20 individually styled spikes orz Also had to sow in several wefts of black hair to the fringe to bulk it out a bit as it was looking really flat. The hair is by no means final as I will add more volume with hairspray on the final product ~fingers crossed.

The colour scheme of the face is based off the number 12 Attack on Titan manga cover.

Ymir TitanWIP2 by WiredintoSpace

For more of my work please check out my Facebook page~~

Comments, questions and constructive criticism welcome ♡〜٩^▿^۶〜♡

Skin code by NotLucy

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